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Yujing Stephanie Zhang ’18 recently presented her senior Worldview Project to the High School faculty. Stephanie is a graduate of Eastern Christian School’s international student program. Originally from China, New Jersey has been her adopted home for the past three years. Stephanie has made an amazing mark on our school community through her participation in a wide variety of activities.

The Worldview Project is a senior-level English project. The assignment for this project reads as follows:

Throughout your studies at EC, you have looked at historical events, literature, and art and music through a variety of perspectives. With thoughtful analysis, a Christian scholar can determine what the perspective of an author or artist is. In essence, you have come in contact with many worldviews, beginning with your own when you were in grade 9.

A worldview, according to Dr. Ronald Wells in History Through the Eyes of Faith, is “a philosophy of life…set in ideal terms, of what ‘ought’ to be.  Also, every person and society experiences life-as-lived, which is always somewhat different–sometimes markedly different–from life-as-hoped-for.”

Your task this quarter will be to develop understanding of and present your personal worldview.

Take 16 minutes and watch Stephanie’s worldview presentation. It is a shining example of the approach and character that we strive to develop in all of our students. Thank you Stephanie for sharing your worldview, your passion, and your heart to make the world a better place in the name of Jesus Christ!


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