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School’s done for summer, but that doesn’t mean Eastern Christian stops. Quite the contrary! A lot of good work happens on our campuses over the summer. In this recurring Blog series, we take a look at 10 reasons to get excited about next school year

Reason #10 Same Mission

Over the course of this countdown, we’ve spoken about a lot of new and exciting things. Those two things frequently go together: NEW and EXCITING. This, of course, contrasts with “OLD” and “BORING.”

But that’s really not fair to “OLD.” There are many things that are OLD and EXCITING. The Mission of Eastern Christian School is one of those those. It’s 125 years old. Our mission has been through generations of families, thousands of students, hundreds of teachers, different cultural backgrounds, different languages spoken, different communities drawn from… and yet, the 125 year old Mission of our school- our reason for existing-  has remained unchanged. 

So what is our Mission? Here’s a quick refresher. We’re not asking you to memorize it, but If someone asks you about EC, hopefully you think of something along the lines of, “God’s using my child’s preparation at EC to be a difference maker in the world for Jesus Christ.”

So, while Air Conditioning, Capital Campaigns, New Teachers, our 125th year celebration and many more things are very exciting about the start of our 125th year, the MOST important thing is also our OLDEST thing. And that’s pretty exciting!