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Dear EC Principal, Teachers, Study Group Members, Cooks and Cleaners

We just completed our first year at Eastern Christian School, and I would like to express my appreciation for the love, support, guidance, assistance and for my children. 

I am aware that this work is challenging but I feel I need to share this with you; You are doing much more than you are assigned to do! I greatly appreciate that, and I am grateful for everything. It’s a blessing how much you are helping our children to be better people, leaders, and Christians.

My family is so grateful that we have the joy to be members of this big Eastern Christian community. Our children have a second trusted home “EC” and that’s why I feel I must inform you that that you are appreciated and the work you do and the support you give the kids. My children may not see that now, but they will in the future. I really appreciate you all and wish God to give you much more strength and courage to do what you’re destined to do.

You are blessed as teachers with a talent that no one can ever take from you. I would call it a calling. You are really called teachers not because you want to make a difference in the lives of our children. This is a wonderful gift from God; you are a gift from God!

Thanks too to the cafeteria staff for making the food for our children, to the office manager for all the last-minute calls that we made throughout the year. Thanks to the principal for advice with our children and to all the staff for always having a big smile every day.

Thank you also to the generous donors of the school for making a difference in our children’s lives by giving them education with people like you with so much passion and love.

With all my heart.

Best Regards, 

An appreciative EC parent