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We’re excited to announce our lineup for the 2017 Eastern Christian High School Talent Show! The acts listed below were chosen by a group of faculty and students based on preparedness, variety, and overall quality. The selection includes solo, duet, and group music performances as well as a dance. 

Join us at the Talent Show on April 8 at 7:00PM!

Talent Show 2017 Acts (in no particular order)

Sabrina Pierre
“Minuet in G” – Johann Sebastian Bach

Skylar Brown
“End of the World” – Skylar Brown

Cassie DeJulia
“A Dance With Time” – Cassie DeJulia

Matt Davis
Drum Solo

Kiandra Dussard
“Letting it Go” – Kiandra Dussard

Cesca DeParis
“With or Without You” – U2

Scott Steenstra
Billy Joel Tribute on Piano

Mary Cai
“Serene Lake” – Peixun Chen

Yeremiah Wright
Stevie Wonder

Mat Matthias and Jaylyn Ocasio
Beauty and the Beast

Gabriella Abaunza, Hanna Faber, and Christian Nigro
“Can’t Help Falling in Love with You” – Elvis Presley

Lis Kuipers, Kristen Casey, and Addie Peretti
Adele Medley

Evan Caviasco and Maddie Dick
“Skinny Love” – Bon Iver

Christian Nigro, Scott Steenstra, Steve Choi, and Luciano Catizone
“I Found a Way” – Drake Bell

Dan Kuder and Christian Nigro
“Best Friend” – Dan Kuder

Adrian Brown
“Shine on Us” – Phillip Craig and Dean

Hailey Kweon, Yumin Jung, Jessie Kim, Avril Han, and Gabriel Tse
Dance – “Shoutout to my Ex” & “Reflection”