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Early childhood is filled with joy, discovery, and curiosity. These natural inclinations make the preschool years an ideal time to begin Biblical teaching. In addition to teaching at home and church, a strong Christian preschool can help parents build a lasting foundation of faith for their children.

The preschool and elementary school curriculum at Eastern Christian School, located in Midland Park, New Jersey, uses the developmental traits of young children and six key faith foundations to lay the groundwork for a strong and enduring faith for students.


Let the Children Come to Me

Jesus recognized that young children are able to grasp spiritual truths. He used the faith of a small boy to feed 5,000 people. Jesus also reminds us in Matthew 19 that the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those who are like children.

The teachers at Eastern Christian also recognize that children are trusting by nature. Unlike many older students or adults, they will believe the miracles of the Bible without question. Young children also find it easy to talk to their unseen friend Jesus.

In addition to a trusting nature, young children easily soak up new information. They enjoy learning new songs, memorizing Bible verses, and listening to Bible stories. This is an ideal age to begin teaching them Biblical facts.

The Eastern Christian School curriculum makes the Bible come alive, but also goes beyond just teaching the main characters in Bible stories. Children learn Biblical truths and how to apply them to everyday life. Through a structured program, students learn these six key faith foundations.


Six Key Faith Foundations for Young Children

  • God is the Creator of the World – Children learn that God made the world and everything in the world.
  • God Made Me – Each child has a body that is uniquely designed by God. In preschool and early elementary classes, children develop fundamental movement and motor skills, and are taught to recognize the importance of taking care of their bodies, including a healthy diet, appropriate exercise, and sleep.
  • The Bible is God’s Word to Us – The Eastern Christian School curriculum helps children understand that the Bible is not just another storybook. Students learn that the Bible has power and meaning to all people in all times.
  • Jesus is God’s Son – Students learn that through Jesus, we can receive forgiveness and restoration, and have an eternal relationship with God.
  • Learn to Pray – Starting in preschool, Eastern Christian students learn that prayer is a means of communicating with God.
  • Biblical Core Values Guide Our Actions – Preschool and elementary classes learn that the Biblical values of love and faithfulness guide interactions between students and peers, and interactions between teachers and students.


Come See Our Faith at Work

To see how these six faith foundations guide the preschool learning environment at Eastern Christian, register for one of our upcoming open house dates or contact our admissions staff to arrange your personal tour today! 


Rudi Gesch

By: Rudi Gesch

Rudi is the Director of Marketing & Communications at EC.

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