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Kelly Breur

3rd grade

Personal Profile:
I grew up in Oakland, New Jersey, and I am a graduate of Eastern Christian, Class of 2002. In my free time I enjoying reading, crocheting, and traveling. I also love to spend time with my family and friends as much as I can.

Professional Profile:
I am a graduate of Nyack College, Class of 2007, with a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and a concentration in English. I was blessed to have the opportunity to do my student teaching with Mrs. Rhonda Klein, who was also my 3rd grade teacher. After having teaching positions in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania, God finally brought me back to where I really wanted to teach – Eastern Christian! I thank God every day for the opportunity that He has given me. It is exciting to see how things have come full circle by God placing me in the classroom that I was in as a 3rd grader.

Philosophical Profile:
One thing that is a blessing to students and teachers at Eastern Christian is that we are able to drop everything and pray whenever a need arises. It is exciting to see how the students are very open about their faith and love to pray for others. Their caring hearts, love for others, and especially their faith in God are what makes our school special, and an environment that makes so many feel welcome.