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Does your child know that school can be different?

Earlier this school year, I was blessed to drop off my kids at ECES for their first day of school. What a great day that was! I got to see my kids playing with old friends and making new friends before the day even started! The first day of school is also an “Admissions reunion” of sorts. I had the pleasure to see all of the new families come to EC for the first time “officially” as a EC parents and students. Over the course of the past year, I have worked with many of these families as they considered Eastern Christian School for their children. It is so encouraging to see the excitement on their faces on Day 1!

This year, I saw something especially touching – it was a girl tearing up and hugging her mom. My first thought was that these were the understandable, “I’m afraid of a new situation” tears. But I couldn’t have been more wrong. They were tears of joy. When the mom asked her daughter what was wrong, she said, “Nothing! I’m just so glad to be at this school! I didn’t know school could be different.”

D04C9126I was blown away. This girl had never experienced a school atmosphere like that at EC. In her “school world,” school was always an uncomfortable, sometimes even hostile place. When she had her “aha moment” that EC is different, the sense of joy and relief on her face was priceless.

For parents who don’t yet send your children to Eastern Christian School, do your kids know that school can be different? Do you?

If your child isn’t quite connecting at his or her current school, or if, in your gut, you know it’s time for something different, come and visit us at Eastern Christian School.  You’ll get to experience what other parents have told us THEY feel, the minute they walk into the school, “This school is different!”

Our absolute favorite thing is meeting new families, hearing your stories, and working together to explore if Eastern Christian School is right for you. So- what do you say? Ready for something different?

Rudi Gesch

By: Rudi Gesch

Rudi is the Director of Marketing & Communications at EC.

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