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One of the major goals for Eastern Christian Schools is to help students realize the power they have in Christ to transform the world. Many ideas that have had a sizable impact on communities have begun with a small, but powerful idea that has caught hold and spread. The Make A Difference program (MAD) aims to introduce our MS students to the opportunities that they have within their local communities to step in and make a difference.

D04C2961During the MAD Program, students are introduced to various local ministries and groups that support those in need within our community. Each grade level (5-8) at the middle school works with an organization with whom the school has developed a long-term relationship. These organizations range in focus from housing to special needs individuals to families in need. Time is set aside each week for grade levels to learn about the ministry, plan for interactions with the group, and then to go and get involved. Students who attend the middle school from 5th through 8th grade have four years of opportunities to be an active member of a community that seeks to transform the society around them.

The year concludes with a day of presentations focused both on looking back at what we have accomplished, and also (and perhaps more importantly) looking forward to how we can continue to be an influence within the communities in which we live and work and play. Students share their experiences with the MS community, as well in small groups, reflecting on the work they have done and how the MAD program has shaped their understanding as Christians of a broken world. Pastor Vande Streek challenged the MS students to be ready to continue to run the race that God has laid before them, becoming an active member of the Christian community and transforming the world.