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Welcome to the 3B: The Brochure Breakdown Blog series. In this recurring blog series, we consider all 9 topics in the newly released Eastern Christian School Brochure. We consider how each topic helps us tell our story.

EC_Brochure_05_600The diverse community page of the Brochure. Download the digital copy or request a paper copy.

Rich Diversity

If you spend any time at Eastern Christian School, you’ll observe that this is a diverse community.

We come from a diverse set of circumstances. The racial diversity is beautiful. Denominational diversity is something we don’t talk about as much, but we have families from over 150 different Christian churches from a very wide range of denominations. Our socio/economic diversity is another beautiful thing – we have families from a very wide range of financial positions.

The Eastern Christian community diversity is organic and authentic. In other words, we’ve never had an internal push where we say, “We need to recruit more students from race x” or, “Why don’t we start communicating more with socio/economic group y.” We are open to Christian families and Christian families are naturally diverse. God has called us to execute our mission in Metro New York City – one of the most beautifully diverse areas in the nation. The fact that we are a diverse community simply means that we’re living out that calling and are relevant to Christian families in this area. We praise God for that!

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