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Latest News

Classes will be in session on the morning of Friday, May 1st. This is a change from the previously publicized school calendar.

Here is the reason for this change:

At Eastern Christian School, we make an annual commitment to parents and certify to the state of New Jersey that we will have 180 instructional days each school year.

Our core values of “seeking truth,” and “developing responsibility” mandate that we do everything in our power to make good on our promises. If we have school for less than our promised number of days, then we aren’t living up to our end of the commitment we make to each student.

We schedule 184 school days in the calendar with the flexibility to allow for up to 4 snow days. This year we had 5 weather-related cancellations. That puts us one day short of our expected and required 180 days.

As a result, we will be in session on the morning of Friday, May 1. This will allow us to make up for the instructional hours that were lost on our first snow day: November 25, 2014 (which had been a scheduled half day).

We recognize that this may represent an inconvenience for some EC families. For this, we apologize. We hope that with nearly six weeks between today and May 1st, EC families will have the time necessary to make the changes in family schedules that may be required.