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At Eastern Christian High School students have a period called SOAR (Student Opted Academic Resources) in their daily schedules. On Wednesday during this time, all students and faculty join together for chapel, but on the other 4 days each week students are able to sign up for classes and activities that are not offered in the regular academic curriculum.

There are a wide variety of options for students to choose from. SOAR classes offered may include: study time, fishing, ultimate frisbee, band, choir, orchestra, college essay writing, victorian tea, yoga, dance, meeting with teachers for extra help in a class, foreign films, and a study of the events of September 11, 2001.


The 9/11 SOAR is an opportunity for students to learn about this tragic day in American history.  After introducing video of the event and the causes, students hear the stories of people who have direct connections to the day.

Ann Van Hine, former EC parent, tells the story of her husband, Bruce, a firefighter who gave his life that day. Tom Dykhouse, EC’s Head of School tells the stories of the many colleagues he lost that day. EC parents Marie Silverstein and Anthony Johnson share their very different stories as well. In addition to these and several other stories, the SOAR culminates with a trip to the National 9/11 Memorial, and a tour led by Ann Van Hine.

For our students, this is an important and very real lesson on the reality of a broken world, and the sovereignty of God as we seek to do the work of restoring creation.

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