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Eastern Christian School has a progressive professional development program for teachers. Because ECS values mature Christian teachers who are excellent, professional, and nurturing, we encourage and support our teachers in their professional development.

Each year, Eastern Christian recognizes Master-level teachers. A Master Teacher applicant is a Senior Level teacher who has earned a Master’s Degree or its equivalent in professional development credits plus an additional 15 credits. Master teacher candidates may apply with a nomination from an administrator or supervisor.

A committee composed of the Director of Curriculum and Instruction, the teacher’s Principal, and a designated professional educator will review the application, interview the candidate, and evaluate his/her teaching portfolio. Based on these criteria, Master Teachers are named annually.

We are very pleased to recognize and congratulate the following EC teachers on achieving this significant professional accomplishment!


Paul Beverly, Humanities and US History 1 Teacher, Supervisor of Instruction. Former “New Jersey Teacher of the Year”


Carol Byma, 4th Grade Teacher


Donna Hoogerhyde, 4th Grade Teacher


Joyce Bruer, 7th and 8th Grade Reading


Terry Allen, 7th and 8th Grade Social Studies