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“Freshman Survival Day” at Eastern Christian High School is a tradition that began 5 years ago.   Don’t worry- despite the ominous name, it’s all about having fun and welcoming the freshmen class to Eastern Christian! The event hatched from a conversation between ECHS Student Assistance Counselor Paige Visser and “Timothy Group Leaders.”  ECHS student leadership wanted to help Freshmen acclimate to Eastern Christian High School.

For the first half of Freshman Survival Day, ECHS Student leaders present topics they thought would be helpful to the freshmen. Topics included Keeping God at the Center, Managing Relationships, Managing Technology, Making Good Choices, All about Rules, and How to Get Involved At EC. Each year two or three student leaders work together to put together a 10 minute presentation on one of these topics and the freshmen rotate through the sessions to hear each one.

The second half of Survival Day takes place outside. The freshmen are divided into Timothy Groups for a photo scavenger hunt and have to find things like “change” or “length and width”. It’s fun to see how kids interpret the items on the list. One person used a picture she had cropped to show about 2/3rds of a quarter. This was her “15 cents”. The kids also rotate through games including kickball, volleyball and a new addition this year called “Giants, Elves and Wizards”.

This tradition has become an annual favorite.  It’s a fun way to end the first week of school and gives the freshmen class an opportunity to get to know each other and the school. We’re thankful for friendly, welcoming leadership students, for EC administration that supports this program, and of course, for our freshmen! Welcome to ECHS!