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The construction at the elementary school is going very well. By the end of the week after school was dismissed for the summer, the workers were able to completely empty all 11 classrooms thanks to the hard work of the faculty cleaning up their classrooms.

The ceiling tiles, grids, lights and fans were removed from all the rooms early last week. New windows have already been installed in six of the classrooms. The windows are tinted which will keep heat inside in the winter and block heat from coming in during the warmer months. Every other window is vented and can be opened. The new windows will open wider than the old ones and this will allow for the same amount of air coming from fewer opening windows.

The third picture shows the windows from the outside comparing the old windows on the left with the new ones on the right.

We will continue to showcase updates of the renovations throughout the summer.

EC, elementary1


EC, Elementary2


EC, Elementary3