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EC, Pamela

Below is a testimony Eastern Christian High School Senior Pamela Torrez gave on Senior Parents Night, May 22, 2014. She also presented the same testimony in her home church, New Horizon Christian Reformed Church, Sunday, June 8, 2014.

“Before anything else, I want to give thanks to the Lord for changing the course of my life.

Two years ago my academic life took a one hundred eighty degree turn. I was living in Bolivia with my mother and brother while my father was in the United States. Every day, as I thought about my environment in Bolivia, I despaired about my future. It was a sad place because education was not a priority. I did not want to live in mediocrity. I was seeking knowledge—to read, to explore, to investigate more specifically about the unknown universe—so when the opportunity came to study in America, the Lord gave me the chance.

When I arrived in New Jersey in 2013, I was determined to make sacrifices for my future. I was in a different country, and I didn’t know anyone except my father. Despite all of this, neither did I ever feel like going back, nor did I feel like giving up. Since all my new friends spoke a different language, I knew that I needed to learn more English and learn more about their culture, too. Therefore, I opened my eyes, my heart and my mind.

I needed to sacrifice many things if I wanted to have good grades, so I studied almost every day during lunch and after school. My teachers have always encouraged me to strive harder in my studies so that my determination would not get weak with the passing of time. In fact, I would like to express thanks to the academic infrastructure that Eastern Christian provides to the students which has allowed me to go further in my future.

At EC I learned so much more than in my other schools. The honor programs and all the other classes have always had a college level insight. Academically, EC helps a student to strive for excellence. I pushed myself to my own limits as I worked for the Lord, and that was my main motivation.

I have met so many people who have the same motivation as me, and who also have always been there to help me along the way. Everyone indeed helped me to achieve high honors inside and outside of EC.

Forever, once again, I will be thankful to my Adonai because He opened my world to meet all these incredible people—especially the faculty and staff, my teachers and my senior classmates.”

Thank you Gracias Gratcie Obrigada.