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T.R.I.P. ­- Tuition Reduction Program

Would you like to reduce your tuition bill? An easy way to lower your tuition bill is to participate in EC’s Tuition Reduction Incentive Program

T.R.I.P. Forms

What is it?

TRIP is offered to help fund the education of students at Eastern Christian School. It is a way for you to reduce your tuition bill every time you buy food, clothing and other items, by making your purchases at stores that participate in this program.

How does it work?

TRIP purchases large quantities of gift certificates for a wide variety of stores at a discount and then forwards a percentage of that discount as a credit to your tuition account. Upon registering, you will be assigned a TRIP account number. Each time you place an order; your credit for that order is determined. Credits will accumulate and twice a year the accumulated credits are applied to your tuition bill.

How do I get the certificates?

During the School Year: Certificates for stores must be pre-ordered and paid for at the time you place your order. Orders are accepted most Mondays during the school year, and certificates are ready on the following Thursday. You can also purchase your gift cards at the TRIP store on Friday mornings from 8 a.m. until noon. The TRIP store is located at the Eagles Learning Center, 569 High Mountain Road in North Haledon.

If you would like a credit on your tuition bill twice a year, or would like more specific information, call Sharon Spoelstra, TRIP Coordinator, at 201-650-7056 or 973-427-6244 ext. 7210 or email TRIP@easternchristian.org.