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The Foundation for Eastern Christian School provides many opportunities for parents, grandparents, friends, business sponsors and others to give to the school. Discover more opportunities about how you can support Eastern Christian School:

  1. Write a personal check and mail it to:
    The Foundation for Eastern Christian School
    50 Oakwood Ave
    North Haledon, NJ 07508-2449
  2. Use your credit card. click to on Donate Online
Annual Fund

The Annual Fund is an unrestricted gift which helps to close the gap between the true cost of an Excellent Christ-centered Education and the amount charged as tuition.

This flexible donation helps to provide educational programs that meet the needs of every student, from those requiring supplemental assistance to those in the STEAM program. Your gift helps our student body to reflect the Kingdom of Christ and to attract and retain gifted educators. Lastly, your gift helps us maintain our campuses as cutting edge learning environments and to apply resources to the school’s greatest need.

Your Annual Fund gift makes all that happens at Eastern Christian School possible, so thank you in advance for your support! 

Endowment Fund

Since 1892, Eastern Christian School has served parents and children by providing quality Christ centered education.

Over 6,500 Eastern Christian students have been educated and equipped to take their place in our homes, churches and communities. In order to preserve this rich heritage, the Eastern Christian School Endowment Fund was established in 1960.

The EC Endowment Fund’s purpose is to provide a permanent source of income for Eastern Christian School to help keep Christian education affordable for generations to come. Donors contribute to the Endowment Fund with the understanding that the use of their gifts is restricted to this purpose. The actual amount of all Endowment Fund gifts will always be retained. The annual earnings from the Fund are used pay operating expenses of the schools and thus reduce the amount of tuition that must be paid for each student. Gifts to the Endowment Fund under this arrangement are truly gifts that keep on giving.

The Endowment Fund is expected to contribute about $450,000 to the operating budget of Eastern Christian School each year. This is an annual contribution of approximately $600 per student toward his or her cost of Christian education. Without this Endowment Fund contribution each student’s tuition bill would be about $600 higher.

Many gifts, including gifts of property, life insurance or securities contributed over the years have been given in loving memory or honor of a friend or relative or as the result of someone’s dedication and commitment to Eastern Christian. These gifts continue to be a source of blessing to EC and help provide quality Christian education for all of our students.

Donors to the Endowment Fund will be listed in the Designated Gifts pages of Eastern Christian’s Annual Stewardship Report.

For more information regarding the Endowment Fund, please contact the EC Foundation office at 973-427-9294 or by email to

1892 Society

The 1892 Society was established several years ago as a way to honor those individuals supporting the next generation of Christian leaders at Eastern Christian through planned legacy gifts.  There are currently dozens of members of the 1892 Society who represent alumni, as well as parents and grandparents of students.  These participants are heroes to our students because they pledge to include EC in their estate plans, offering an excellent Christian education for future generations of students.  

New members of the 1892 Society are welcomed throughout the year. Some members work directly with Foundation Office staff, while others work privately with their financial advisors and estate attorneys. Either way, it is helpful to inform the Foundation Office that you have included EC in your will, so that you can be properly acknowledged and receive the full range of benefits of the 1892 Society.    

Many people are starting to think more intentionally about the legacy they want to leave.  When we reflect on our values, we want to invest in the people and ministries that are closest to our hearts.  EC is a natural fit because this school has played such a pivotal role in our lives. It is such a simple process to include EC in one’s will.  

Your will or trust is your final act of stewardship and care, a means to allocate your resources to support the people and causes you hold dear. By including charitable giving in your will, you model a legacy of generosity to your loved ones, and you help ensure that EC continues to have an impact well beyond your lifetime. By understanding your options, you can multiply your generosity in ways that are simple, flexible, cost-effective, and extraordinarily powerful.

All members of the EC community have complimentary access to trusted, biblically-based conversations with a Christian estate planner through the school’s membership with Barnabas Foundation. Since 1976, Barnabas Foundation has helped thousands of generous Christians give more effectively to the ministries close to their hearts through tax-wise charitable gifts. EC is proud to partner with Barnabas Foundation as a member ministry. 

To inform the EC Foundation Office about your bequest or set up a private and complimentary meeting with a trusted advisor, please contact the Foundation Office at or call 973.310.0411.  All communications are kept confidential.  

Capital Campaign

From time to time, the Eastern Christian School Board of Directors approves the organization of a Capital Campaign to finance major developments to better serve our students and families.  These significant initiatives have included new construction, major renovations to existing buildings, and meaningful upgrades to our three campuses.  

More important than what has been built, however, is the profound impact these capital projects have had on our students and graduates.  Due to the outpouring of prayers and financial support for more than 130 years, thousands of children have made Jesus Christ the most important person in their life, and they are loving the Lord their God with all their heart, mind, soul and strength.  Our students and alumni make their impact on the world by becoming transforming agents of change as they represent Jesus Christ.  

For more information about our current Capital Campaign, please contact the EC Foundation Office at or call 973-310.0411.


Existing Scholarships

We have been blessed with several scholarship funds, both for current students as well as for graduating seniors to further their education and careers. Here is sample of existing funds: 

Elise Kathleen Gorter Endowed Scholarship Fund
The Elise Kathleen Gorter Endowed Scholarship Fund originated with a gift from Steve and Laura Gorter in 2004 in memory of their daughter, Elise, a student at Eastern Christian Middle School, upon her untimely death. The purpose of the Fund is to grant scholarship aid to resilient and financially deserving students.  

Mephibosheth Scholarship Fund
In 1997, Peter De Korte, who used a wheelchair due to polio, established this fund, the income from which is to be used to provide tuition assistance to students who have physical and/or sensory disabilities. Mr. De Korte established this fund out of gratitude to God for all He had done for him, and a desire to share some of the blessings he had received with others who also have disabilities. 

Richard J. Vander Plaat Service Award
On March 13, 1990 The Richard J. Vander Plaat Service Award was established with a gift from the Vander Plaat family to honor Richard, a long time supporter of Christian education and Eastern Christian School.  The scholarship was awarded annually recognizing a graduating student from ECHS who had given of their talents to serve Christ in this community after the example of Richard J. Vander Plaat.

Following the death of Richard’s wife Henrietta, the scholarship fund was increased with a bequest from her estate.  Multiple students are selected each year based on funds available. Awards are based on the students’ commitment to service and financial need.  

Adrian Visbeen Scholarship Fund
The Adrian Visbeen Scholarship Fund originated with gifts from the Visbeen family, friends and the Visbeen Construction Company, Inc., in memory of Adrian “Bud” Visbeen. All gifts in Bud’s memory are added to this fund. The purpose of the Fund is to provide scholarship aid to students entering their senior year who have demonstrated financial need, a significant commitment to service, and whose families are in the construction trades. 

For Graduating Seniors
Eastern Christian School also administers a limited number of awards for post-high school education for students.  If you are interested in learning more about these scholarships, please make an appointment with the College and Career Advisement Office. 

If you are interested in learning how to establish a scholarship fund in honor or in memory of a loved one, please call the Foundation Office at 973.310.0411or email

As of September 1, 2022, endowed named scholarship funds may be created with a minimum gift of $100,000 and expendable named funds may be established with a gift of at least $50,000.

Create a Scholarship Fund

Eastern Christian School invites members of the school community to work with its Foundation Office to establish scholarship funds to honor or memorialize beloved family members. By creating such tribute funds, you will make a significant impact on the lives of students and possibly change the trajectory of their lives for eternity.  

Scholarship funds can ensure that future generations of students enjoy the same opportunities to learn and grow at Eastern Christian, ease families’ financial burden, and help students to achieve their God-given dreams and goals. 

Scholarship funds can either be endowed or expendable. An endowed fund is one in which only a portion of the interest earned is spent on tuition assistance, allowing the principal to grow and last for generations to follow. An expendable fund, on the other hand, is paid out by the School over a predetermined period of time. 

Scholarship funds can be created outright, over time, or established through one’s will or trust.  If you are interested in learning how to establish a scholarship fund in honor or in memory of a loved one, please call the Foundation Office at 973.310.0411or email

As of September 1, 2022, endowed named scholarship funds may be created with a minimum gift of $100,000 and expendable named funds may be established with a gift of at least $50,000.

Gifts of Securities

Donating appreciated securities to the Foundation for Eastern Christian School is simple.

Securities Held by a Bank or Broker

If your bank or broker holds your securities, we recommend an electronic transfer in two steps via the Depository Trust Company (DTC) system.

  1. Give your bank or broker the following instructions:
    Columbia Bank
    DTC# 0226
    Regency Wealth Management
    For Credit to Account: 676458207
    Account name: Eastern Christian School Association Foundation

  2. E-mail transfer details to, alerting Eastern Christian School to expect your gift. Failure to do so may cause a delay in recognizing you as the donor. Please include the following information in your email:

  • Name and address
  • Date of transfer
  • Name and ticker symbol of the security
  • Number of shares
  • Intended designation of your gift, if none please say “Where needed most”

Eastern Christian School Contact: 
Maura Byrnes
Executive Director 
Foundation for Eastern Christian School Association
Phone: 973-310-0402


Securities in Certificate Form

If you have stock or bond certificates, please contact the Foundation Office to arrange for delivery.
Foundation for Eastern Christian School
Direct phone: 973-427-9294
Direct Fax: 973-427-9775

Mutual Funds

Very few mutual funds network with brokerage firms. In most cases we have to open an account with mutual fund companies to handle each individual mutual fund gift. Since the enactment of the USA Patriot Act of 2001, the opening of a mutual fund account has become complicated and time consuming. Please contact the Foundation Office at least a month in advance.

Year-end Considerations

Because of their complexity, securities gifts are best made by December 15.
Please note: According to IRS tax code (Regulation 1.170A-1(b)), gifts of securities received via DTC will be acknowledged using the mean value of the stock on the date it is transferred into the Foundation’s account. Gifts of stock certificates received by the Foundation Office at 50 Oakwood Ave, North Haledon, will be acknowledged using the mean value of the stock on the date it is received by the Foundation Office.

Tax Advantages

If you own publicly traded stocks or bonds that have appreciated in value and are long-term in nature (owned for more than 12 months), you may want to consider the income tax benefits of giving securities over cash:
Here’s how it works:

Gift of Stock   Gift of Cash
$3,000 (current value) $3,000
$1,000 (basis-your cost)  
$3,000 (tax deduction) $3,000
$1,080 (tax savings @ 36%) $1,080
$400 (capital gains tax savings*)  
$1,480 (total tax savings) $1,080
$1,520 (your gift cost) $1,920

*$2,000 gain @ 20% capital gains tax. (The 20% rate is used for example only, your actual capital gains tax rate will vary based on the type of securities and the amount of your other taxable income.) When you donate appreciated securities, you owe no capital gains tax on the appreciation.

What about stocks that have dropped in value?

If you own stock which has dropped in value, below your cost, consider selling this asset instead, and donating the proceeds. By selling the asset and then making a gift, you will be able to claim a capital loss deduction on your income tax return, and also claim an income tax deduction for your charitable gift.
Thank you for your support of Eastern Christian School.

Gifts in Kind

A donor may make a gift of tangible property to Eastern Christian for its use or liquidation. Gifts in kind include books, equipment, furnishings, real estate, personal collections and other personal property. These gifts should be pre-arranged with the Foundation Office to ensure that the gift may be used by the school. Please call the Foundation Office at 973-427-9294 to arrange a gift in kind to Eastern Christian.

The donor of gifts valued at more than $5,000.00 must provide the Foundation Office with an appraisal from an independent qualified source. IRS Publication 561 explains how to determine the value of donated property.

If you would like additional information regarding a gift you would like to make, please contact the Foundation for Eastern Christian School at or by telephone to 973-427-9294.


Double Your Impact!

Check to see if your employer or company has a matching gift program