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High School Media Center A/V System

1. Turn On

On the projector control wallplate press the ‘ON’ button to lower the projector screen and turn the projector on.



 2. Choose Source

You can connect to the projector in three ways. Under “sources” press the button corresponding to your chosen method.


The first way is through Apple TV. You can simply choose the Apple TV called “Media Center” in your airplay settings and enter the connection code displayed on the projector screen.

The second two connections are via the black wall plate using either HDMI or VGA cables. If you choose the VGA connection you must also connect a 1/8” mini cable to the headphone jack on your computer if you wish to use audio. The HDMI connection will carry both audio and video signal together.

For the best quality video playback, a wired connection through either HDMI or VGA will work best. Cables can be borrowed from the Media Specialist.


3. Adjusting Volume

Start by turning up the volume on your computer, then turn the volume knob clockwise to raise the speaker volume. Turn counterclockwise to lower volume if necessary.



4. Turn Off

Press ‘OFF’ to raise screen and turn the projector off. Lower the volume knob completely.