Terry Allen

Dr. Allen and his wife Annette have been married 54 years. They have four adult children and a dozen grandchildren. He’s in his 51st year of teaching; 29 of which have been at Eastern Christian School. The Allen family moved from Salem, Oregon, in 1990 with their youngest daughter Trella (2000). While teaching at ECMS, Dr. Allen was able to earn both a M.A. and Ed. D. in Pedagogy and Teaching Philosophy to Children at Montclair State University. Through the study of the Bible and in answered prayer we daily affirm God’s presence in and relevance to our lives. God is alive and well, and we love Him. Dr. Allen has developed a respect and love for thinking philosophically, not only because there is so much to think about, but because this approach to education encourages children and helps them develop a voice for themselves. He wants his students to be open to honest thought and significant questions of faith and truth. His practice in teaching is to strive for a “Pedagogy of Asking.” He hopes that his students will learn to think for themselves and have legitimate and rational answers to life’s ultimate questions. The Allens enjoy Manhattan, and we also find ourselves traveling the country and world to stay connected to interesting places and to the interesting lives of our children and their families.