Dawn is a passionate mom who left the public schools to teach in this community that she feels best suits her family. As a mom of 3, married to an alumnus, Dawn realized that EC has what children need: a foundation built on truth. Certified to teach English, she found that she has a passion for building behavioral strengths. Today, Dawn teaches psychology and financial literacy classes in the high school. Dawn appreciates the space EC builds into the curriculum for Biblical connections with the intention of broadening the students’ worldviews. With one child in college and two in middle school, Dawn realized she and her husband Jeff were equipped to take in more children, and they now have hosted a total of 6 international students for the school year in their home. When Dawn isn’t working, she is at Covenant Christian Reformed Church in North Haledon leading a women’s Bible study, joining in on a prayer team, driving to a soccer field, or swimming at Green Pond Lake in the summer. It’s a busy, love-filled life she leads, and God has blessed Dawn richly with this community.