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Faculty Celebration and Picnic

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At the conclusion of each school year, the entire EC staff gets together to celebrate the year’s accomplishments. After a great lunch grilled by administrators, the staff gathers to recognize years-of-service milestones. Here are this year’s honorees! 


5 Years of Service
Kelly Breur
Kate Culp
Leah Genuario
Kristen Rudd
Lynda Vincenti

10 Years of Service
Anne Bazanowski

15 Years of Service
Laura Kuehlke
Tim Steen
Anna Tortos

20 Years of Service
Sue Boonstra
Marilyn Bushman
Alisa Engelhard
Kathy Kooistra
Paige Visser
Mary Faber

25 Years of Service
Doug Wanamaker

35 Years of Service
Deb VandenBerg

Faculty Retiring
Cynthia Visbeen – 34 Years
Lynda Pasqueretta – 17 Years     

After service awards, staff enjoyed ice cream and held a cornhole tournament. Congratulations Ian Zacharias and Ryan Dykstra on the tournament win!  

Graduation Highlights 2018

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Congratulations to the EC classes of 2018! As a preschool through high school community, we are blessed to be able to celebrate four unique annual ceremonies honoring promotion and graduation for our students.

Click the pictures below for a link to graduation and promotion photo galleries:


Ending the Year at the Elementary School

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Elementary school students bring so much energy and fun to the school building each day.  It is such a joy to watch them grow throughout the year in their academic ability, and also in stature.  They change so much throughout the year, that when we look back to photos taken when they first started in their current grade, we cannot believe how much they have changed!  These students enrich our lives with their love for school and those that are staffed within it.  Our hearts are full as we think about how much we love them, but mostly how much our Heavenly Father cares for them!

As Living Stones (our school’s theme this year), they were taught about Remembering the works of the Lord, Reflecting on His promises, and Responding to His calling.  This was evident through a variety of activities related to the Project Based Learning (PBL) and in daily devotions, and conversations with the students.  Thank you, parents, for allowing us to partner with you in raising up caring, compassionate children who are sensitive to God’s calling in their young lives.  It is our greatest joy to witness their spiritual growth!  The faith of a child is something so special from which we as adults have a lot to learn!

One of the best ways to remember this year with our students is by looking back at photos to see not only their growth, but all of the wonderful learning opportunities they have had.  Please enjoy the Elementary School’s end of the year video, featuring students from Kindergarten through fourth grade.  Please share this video with family and friends, and most importantly, watch it with your children!  They can give you many insights to what they were doing in their learning environment and with their friends as they find themselves in the video!  Thank you again for a wonderful, beautiful school year.  Many blessings over the summer, and looking forward to meeting back next year!


Service Day 2018 Reflection

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“As Christians, we always have to remind ourselves that our time does not belong to us but it belongs to our God who created each of us with a specific purpose.” These words, written by ECHS Bible and Worship students, helped students prepare for Service Day on June 1, 2018.  Following a week of Bible and Worship student generated devotions and service team preparation, the HS student body, faculty, and staff, joined by parent and community volunteers, partnered with 28 business, churches, and organizations to serve as the hands and feet of Christ. A few business/organization partners reflected: “ students were respectful and helpful”; “we love having them”; “they are such a blessing”; “we’re thankful for the energetic and enthusiastic group”; “we accomplished more than I thought we would”; “students helped and worked hard”.  

Following the painting, cleaning, organizing, elderly visits, planting, weeding, garbage pick up, musical performances, and office projects, students returned to campus classrooms for group debriefing and third block sharings. Teachers shared: “my students were touched. One mentioned her family donates to a center like this, and now she really understands what they do and why”; “students were thoroughly engaged and appreciated the opportunity to use their skills”; “it was a learning experience and provided an opportunity to do something practical”. Students discussed how their service connects to their faith and why/how God calls us to serve.  Students noted: “Service Day is a great opportunity for students”; “I didn’t even realize how the elderly were living and how lonely it can be- I’m glad I got to go and see”; “service is an opportunity to connect to the heart”; “it’s a time that isn’t just about me… it’s about others and being Christ’s hands and feet”; “it pushes me out of my comfort zone to impact others and grow”. ECHS served well on June 1 and now looks forward to more opportunities to fulfill the responsibility and privilege Christ gives us to serve one another.