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Eastern Christian School welcomes alumnus Rob DeJulia as IT support technician.

A recent graduate, Rob received his bachelor’s in computer science and his master’s in cyber security from Geneva College.

Please tell us about yourself

I grew up in a Christian house with my parents and a younger sister in Newton, New Jersey as a child and moved to Augusta, New Jersey when I was a teenager. I went to multiple VBS camps and Christian camps when I was younger with my family. My family has traveled to many different places throughout the years, and that gave me an appreciation for different cultures and ways of life. I started training in Koei-Kan karate in my teenage years due to a friend who recommended it to me, which gave me an appreciation for martial arts. I have always been interested with technology and the capabilities and experiences it can provide. It can complement relationships and communication, get work completed faster and easier, be used for entertainment and competition, and also grow one’s skillset and critical thinking skills if they learn how computers work internally. I aim to learn more about computers and how to use them to fulfill the cultural mandate that God gave humankind in Genesis 1:28, as well as learn how to glorify God in every aspect of my life as I live life with Him.

How has God brought you to work at EC?

Throughout life, I have always liked working with technology and have worked jobs that have had customer service aspects, which taught me how to help people and treat them well in the work force. The opportunities that life presented to me helped me realize my calling to go into the field of computer science. I came to Eastern Christian High School for four years and got a summer internship with Ben Spoelstra. The internship was a good starting experience of what IT is like at a school and I enjoyed working with Ben. 

After I graduated high school, I decided to pursue a four-year master’s in cyber security, with my bachelor’s in computer science, at Geneva College. I worked at Geneva’s IT team part time for a couple years and experienced multiple aspects of information technology, including file transfers, A/V conversions, hardware replacements, and more. Shortly after graduating Ben had an opening on his team and he offered me a job, so I went through the interview process and decided to work for Eastern Christian Schools. I recognize that God has given me the abilities and the opportunities to do the work which He calls me to do and has provided this job to meet my needs and bless others through my work, and I thank Eastern Christian for providing me with this opportunity.

What sets EC apart?

Eastern Christian is unique in the sense that it is culturally diverse and is a place where many different opinions can be shared and discussed in a non-judgmental matter. God wants His people to be in unity with each other as they seek to strengthen one another’s faith through encouragement and accountability. This unity is evident in Eastern Christian through its values of serving others, embracing community, and recognizing perspectives of self and others. The students, who come from different countries and backgrounds, are still united through their bond as a family in Christ and can experience school in more diverse ways together.

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