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Eastern Christian School welcomes Angie Parker as paraprofessional.

Angie received a bachelor’s degree from Oral Roberts University. 

Tell us about yourself

I was born and raised in Alabama (Roll Tide). 😉 My family moved to NC my senior year of high school. I went to college in OK, and moved to NJ a few years after graduating. After another move back to NC for about 9 years, my husband, Chris, and I moved back to NJ to be closer to family, and to serve at The Plant Church in Mahwah. We have two children and two dogs. I’ve been singing since age 3, and have served in worship for most of my life. I enjoy making memories intentional for my family, and start counting down to Christmas July 1st.

How has God brought you to work at EC?

My husband and I have been prayerfully considering EC for our children for a few years. Due to a couple of circumstances, the door has not been opened until now. Our friend, Jess Truran, mentioned a para position available, and we decided to just put one foot in front the other, and have me apply. The rest of the story moved quickly, and this time the door was open. I have been a youth pastor, a worship pastor, the yearly music leader for VBS, and homeschooled my children until this past year. Children are a gift. I am thankful for the opportunity to share God’s love for them as I serve in the classroom this year.

What sets EC apart? 

My niece and nephews went mostly through the EC experience as a whole school career. I’ve always admired their life choices and their commitment to Jesus. I have no doubts that EC played a major role in helping shape who they are today. For my own family, I want them to be engulfed in the atmosphere of the Holy Spirit, being taught and guided by those who seek, and follow Him first. It’s a true privilege to have a school seeking to equip and disciple world changers for His glory, as an option for education. 

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