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Eastern Christian School officially welcomes Kristin Kuiken as the upper elementary and middle school art teacher.

Kristin earned a Bachelor of Science in nursing at Cedarville College. She most recently served as the long-term art teacher sub at Eastern Christian. 

Please tell us about yourself

I enjoy snow skiing, sitting on the beach at the ocean, good food and great shopping. I enjoy taking my kids on adventures. I love spending time with friends and family. 

How has God brought you to work at EC?

I was standing in the entrance hall of EC middle school conversing with a teacher. It came up in our conversation that I graduated college with a minor in Bible. The teacher said “you should teach here.” Being a pediatric nurse and mother of four I didn’t need a job. God has a history of calling me to unexpected things and in my awe and reverence for that, I lifted my eyes to the verse on the wall, Isaiah 40:31, and said out loud, “Here I am, Lord, send me”. I did not think there was any purpose to my proclamation but I knew full well what happens when you don’t faithfully walk where God calls. Jonah was first to my mind and being a lover of the ocean myself and not fond of tight spaces; I do my best to respond when nudged by the spirit.

What sets EC apart?

My first few months at EC, I cried every time I prayed out loud with the class or read a Bible verse. I was raised in a public school setting and had our children in public school until COVID. I was overwhelmed with gratitude to be in a learning environment where Jesus and the gospel truth were proclaimed. It was such a privilege to address the hardships of the students with prayer and to see their receptiveness to it. 

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