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Eastern Christian School welcomes Heidi Kabot as Wyckoff campus media specialist.

Heidi received a bachelor’s in elementary education from Messiah College and a master’s in library and information science from the University of Pittsburgh. 

Please tell us about yourself

In elementary school my family moved from Pennsylvania to New Jersey and I attended Eastern Christian from that point forward. Currently, I live in Midland Park with my husband, Bryan, and our three young children. I enjoy outdoor activities, sports, spontaneous family adventures, and traveling. Our favorite destinations are Traverse City, Michigan and Strathmere, NJ where we spend time with extended family each summer. We are members of Grace Church in Ridgewood and are actively involved in ministry and community there. 

How has God brought you to work at EC?

I graduated from Messiah College with a degree in Elementary Education. During my time at Messiah, I particularly enjoyed the children’s literature courses and knew by the time I was a senior that I wanted to share my love of reading and books with students as a librarian. After graduation, I went to grad school at the University of Pittsburgh and received my Masters in Library and Information Science. Prior to having children I spent seven years as a Library Media Specialist in public schools, first in Pennsylvania, then in New Jersey. In 2019-2020, I was the librarian at ECES. I am excited to return this year as the Media Specialist at the Wyckoff campus. 

What sets EC apart? 

I am grateful for the opportunity to invest in the lives of students at Eastern Christian. I love that EC aims to nurture the whole child–mind, body, and spirit–and encourages students to use their gifts to serve God and others. Having taught in public schools, I am thrilled for the opportunity to openly and regularly weave spiritual truth into instruction. This year’s spiritual theme is “Seek Truth, Speak Truth.” Whether written by believers or not, spiritual elements abound in literature. Themes like good vs. evil, sacrificial love, and the importance of community are seen time and time again. I love thinking about the books I am reading from a spiritual perspective and look forward to encouraging students to do the same!

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