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Eastern Christian School welcomes Kony Araya as fourth grade teacher.

Kony received her bachelor’s in music education from Pensacola Christian College and her master’s degree in leadership in education from Gordon College. 

Please tell us about yourself. 

Born and raised in Lima, Peru, I later moved to NJ at the age of 13. I have been attending and serving at Madison Avenue Baptist Church for more than 20 years, and I love serving and volunteering. I’ve had the opportunity to assist missionaries in Peru and Paraguay, and am currently part of of a non-profit that helps teenagers in Mexico. I have served as a Christian school teacher for 15 years. 

Outside of the classroom, I love to participate on hikes. I’ve been married for almost two years and reside in northern New Jersey. 

How has God brought you to work at EC?

The first school I ever worked at closed its door in 2020. It was then that I was challenged to seek beyond the classroom and start a new goal. I enrolled in the Leadership program at Gordon College and for the next two years, my passion for teaching and learning grew even more. While at Gordon before I finished my masters degree, I continued to work as a teacher at another small Christian school. After year three of teaching at another school, an opportunity came up at EC, where I firmly believe my leadership degree can be put into action. That’s when God opened the door to Eastern Christian. My recent training from grad school increased my confidence as an educator and leader. I believe EC is the right place for me to continue my growth not only as a teacher but as a future leader.

What sets EC apart? 

So far my experience with the administration and staff from EC has been excellent. It is a place well established and with high standards of equipping students with superb academics and Christian beliefs. I’m looking forward to being a part of the great staff at EC in achieving the goal of furthering the student’s Christian education.

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