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Mathematics can be kind of tricky to apply a biblical worldview to. At a cursory glance, all we see is a series of numbers and maybe a word problem or two. 

The problem with that is it doesn’t look deeper as to what math is used for. If we zoom out and ask ourselves how God reveals himself to us we have two basic answers: Through his word, and through his creation. If you want to study the word, we call that person a theologian. And most theologians will have at least some training in Greek or Hebrew because knowing the language the Bible was written in provides insights that our English translation simply lacks. 

If we take a parallel approach to creation, we find that people who study creation are called scientists. But what language is science written in? I would suggest math. Math is used as the foundational language that God’s creation is written in, and because of that, it is worthy of study! I’ll be the first to admit that mathematics isn’t necessarily the flashiest subject out there. But learning the language of creation, and working out the logical part of our brains is a worthy endeavor to spend our time and effort on. I am so thankful to work at this school where I can both encourage our students to pursue excellence in mathematics, as well as point them toward God and the majesty of his creation.

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