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What does it mean to ‘Teach Christianly’? Instead of telling you we teach Christianly at Eastern Christian School, we wanted to show it through the testimonies of some of our teachers. This series is a look at the biblical integration happening in every subject and on every campus. Today we explore preschool.

Sarah Vander Wall, Preschool

I welcome my students every morning as they exit their cars. It’s usually an exciting time of hugs, high fives, or talking about their new, super-fast, light-up shoes. But so much more is going on. I am intentionally showing the kids that I value them, and appreciate them as they are fellow image bearers of Christ. I recognize each of them to be uniquely created for God’s good purposes, and I tell them so! I am imitating Christ, as He valued the little children and affirmed them.

One of my favorite things to teach and talk about with my students are animals–polar animals, birds, farm animals, nocturnal animals, and so on. We have marveled at the life cycles of butterflies, ladybugs, and praying mantises in our classroom. (We released 250 praying mantises on the playground last year). While we are enjoying the beauty of creation, I model for my students awe at the Creator! I make sure to infuse my speech with glory to the Creator and His amazing world. As we examine the contents of an owl pellet (so cool!), we discuss the creativity of our God to design the owl in such a way that it can expel the unnecessary fur and bones of the creatures it has consumed.

That is the beauty of Christian Education. Christ is taught intentionally all day, not just in chapel or Bible time. God is sovereign over every square inch…including preschool.

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