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As part of its continued commitment to providing an excellent Christian education, Eastern Christian High School hosted several college professors in two of its advanced-level courses this week.

On October 4, Economics students, taught by Esther Kim, participated in a lecture and question and answer session facilitated by Dr. Jim Ludema, Dean of Business at Calvin University.

Later in the day, Anatomy and Physiology students, taught by Anne Bazanowski, listened to a lecture and participated in a question and answer session led by Dr. Adejoke Ayoola, Dean of Health Sciences at Calvin University and Ms. Teri Crumb, Pre-Health Professions Advising Coordinator. Anatomy and Physiology is currently a Project Acceleration class. Project Acceleration classes are taught by Eastern Christian teachers who also have the credentials to serve as Seton Hall University adjuncts; students have the opportunity to earn dual high school and college credit.

In both classes, the deans had an opportunity to introduce themselves, explain their respective disciplines and potential career pathways, and discuss the importance of Christian worldview, especially within the context of Christian education.

The robust sessions included practical advice, such as a 10-10-20-60 money management rule offered up by Dr. Ludema to the economics students: “No matter what you make—10 percent should go to tithe, the Lord’s work; 10 percent should go to save and invest in stable investments, things you know will give you a long-term return;  20 percent should be used for higher potential, or in other words higher risk, higher reward investments; and then you should live on 60 percent of what you make. It’s something to think about,” he offered.

“Eastern Christian is serious about living out its mission and vision and this opportunity is one more example of our school nurturing our students to become persons of Christian vision and influence who seek to contribute cooperatively and responsibly to God’s mission of renewing all of creation,” added Head of School Dr. Ruth Kuder.

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