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Eastern Christian is pleased to welcome Faith Kerlen as high school math and physics teacher. Kerlen earned a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering from Messiah University.

Having grown up in Hawthorne, Kerlen is excited to be back in North Jersey and to be part of the EC community. After graduating from Messiah University with a degree in engineering, Kerlen felt led to become an educator. She loves to encourage students to unashamedly pursue their interests and passions, particularly in the STEAM fields. Kerlen enjoys all things math, numbers, engineering, puzzles, and design. She is passionate about encouraging students to integrate their personal faith into all aspects of their lives–inside and outside the classroom. When not teaching, one can find her listening to music or singing, traveling or planning her next trip, attending Zumba classes, and spending time with family and friends.

Tell us about yourself

I grew up in Hawthorne, NJ, and while I didn’t necessarily expect to be back in the area, here I am! As an inherently curious person, I love exploring new things and places. Traveling is a huge part of my life, and I’ve learned so much about people–especially the church–through experiencing other cultures. Another interest of mine is the intersection of math and art/music; it reminds me that while God loves logic and order, he creates with such beauty and emotion. I also enjoy cooking, reading, houseplants, and coffee or matcha.

Tell us the story of how God brought you to EC

My degree is in engineering, but I knew part-way through college that I felt led into the field of education. I loved explaining problems and tutoring, and God really solidified my love for teaching in the year after my graduation as I worked for a tutoring agency and subbed long-term. Becoming a substitute teacher almost fell into my lap (apparently God was opening windows after closing doors). The supportive community at EC confirmed that this was where I needed to be. Admittedly, I am young and have degrees and other certifications to pursue, but I am excited to use my gifts, learn, and continue following God’s leading in my life.

What sets EC apart?

God is a God of freedom, and Eastern Christian gives both faculty and students the freedom to integrate one’s faith into every part of their academics and carry that faith beyond the classroom into other areas of their lives. Questions are welcome at EC, and for students to be able to ask and answer hard questions in a Christian context is powerful. My hope for EC students is that they get to know themselves and God better every day and are equipped with truth as they engage with the world around us.

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