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Latest News

Eastern Christian is pleased to announce the hiring of Daniel Song as 4th grade teacher. 

Song earned a bachelor’s in Sociology from Rutgers University and a master’s in Bible/Theology from Alliance Theological Seminary. He is a married father of three boys. Song states he loves sports and serving God’s people. He is currently serving at a church in Palisades Park and believes in the importance of sound biblical teaching and the education that EC provides. 

Tell us about yourself

I grew up in Fort Lee, NJ. I am the middle child of three and I love good competition. I also really love movies, especially the classics from the late 80s and 90s. 

Tell us the story of how God brought you to EC

I worked for two years in the Leonia school district prior to being employed by EC. I am a bi-vocational pastor that serves an English-speaking Korean congregation in Palisades Park.  We had been told great stories about EC and decided we would be interviewed for enrollment. During our interview, there were openings for teachers and I was interviewed for employment as well. It was a tough decision because all of the logistics pointed to staying at the public school nearer to our home, but we took a leap of faith and two of my boys will be joining me in starting at EC for the 2022-2023 academic year. 

What sets EC apart?

I’ve never been part of a Christian school but knowing and experiencing the public sector, EC and the core values and tenants of faith will make a profound and lasting impact on all students and faculty alike. Everything starts and ends with God and it is paramount that our children can encounter him in their education.

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