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Former Eastern Christian art student Christopher Pico was recognized yesterday at a Prospect Park ceremony for his work in designing a massive wall mural at the entrance of Hofstra Park. The wall, which represented the 65 nationalities who call Prospect Park home, was part of a large community collaboration and was unveiled in front of local government officials and representatives of schools and non-profit organizations.

At the ceremony, Prospect Park Mayor Mohamed T. Khairullah shared his story of immigrating from Syria and his gratitude for settling in “this nation of opportunities.” He said, “The theme of this mural is One Humanity, and we appreciate that Prospect Park can represent the essence of what this nation is all about.”

The mural includes the flags of 65 nations, as well as logos from the organizations who helped collaborate on the mural. Among them, Eastern Christian School, Manchester, and Prospect Park districts played a role in the wall’s completion. Pico designed the mural while a senior at Eastern Christian High School, part of an art independent study under the direction of teacher Jesse Wright. Eastern Christian’s graphic design class and art club also contributed to its creation. 

“It is a privilege to be able to highlight our students’ work through public art. This project is one of the ways in which our students live out our core values of serving others and embracing community,” said EC Head of School Ruth Kuder.

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