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EC Senior: Benjamin Adamson
Year joined EC: 10th Grade
Plans for next year: Wheaton College

What do you love about Eastern Christian School?
I love that we are free to express our faith and have discussions in light of those beliefs.

Describe one of your favorite teachers and tell why he/she is a favorite.
One of my favorite teachers has been Mr. Wright. Not only does he repeatedly show that he is genuinely invested in our individual wellbeing, he also displays remarkable competence in all of the fields that he teaches. He is, to me, the personification of “lead by example,” and I have greatly enjoyed the many classes that I’ve been able to take with him.

In what ways have you grown in your faith as a result of your experience at Eastern Christian School?
During my time at EC, I’ve been able to open up about my faith. Prior to attending EC, I was in a public school and so felt the need to stifle my faith somewhat so as to not seem too different from the other people in my town. Here, though, I am free to debate with my peers about their beliefs and to make points in the light of my beliefs without the fear of being judged for those beliefs. This has also snowballed into making me more confident overall and allowed me to be much more outward about my faith to others.

At Eastern Christian we talk about an education that is “Engaging. Nurturing. Transforming.” How did you experience this kind of education at EC?
At EC, I think that especially the block scheduling helped me engage much better with my classes than in previous years. Having the longer classes allows me to get engaged in the class. I also think that the smaller class sizes has helped nurture me and engage me better, because it allowed me to build better connections with classmates, which has let me not only build better relationships with people in my classes, it has also led me to be more social within my classes.

How do you feel that EC prepared you for graduation, college/career and life?
I feel that EC has helped me by giving me support in what I want to do for college, and has also helped me to gain a sense of independence. It has also made me think more about how I connect with the people around me, because getting together with people when I live 45 minutes away from the school isn’t always the easiest, and I know that maintaining those relationships after high school will be even harder. So EC has given me a sense of that.

What would you say to a prospective student considering joining Eastern Christian School?
First, I would say that it doesn’t really matter if they’re an established Christian or not, EC will help build your faith. On the other hand, even if you aren’t actively attempting to grow in your faith, EC still provides support for you so that you don’t fall out of faith during that time of stagnation or of hardship in your life. EC also provides great academics, and will be a good decision if you’re trying to go into sciences or math.

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