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Dear EC  Community,

All I can say is WOW and Praise the Lord for His faithfulness and provision!  We surpassed our stretch goal of 200 with 236 donors and raised $66,824!  That is 118% over our goal and so many first time donors.

We took a leap of faith to have a participation focused campaign and trusted the Lord to lead our community into financial generosity.  Our results exceeded all our expectations but isn’t that just like our God to provide when we put it in His hands?  Thank you for following His lead to give.

A special gratitude for our unexpected donors who offered our generous incentives of $10,000 if we hit 200 donors , $5,000 for 50 parents, and $1,000 match for staff donations! 

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for your donation and support.  Every gift does matter, every dollar does count, and no gift is too small for it is all a gift from the Lord!  

If you were unable to join us for this amazing campaign but would like to support us, please donate here.  

We Abound in Thankfulness for your commitment, prayers, and support of our mission here at EC to provide excellent education Rooted in Christ.

In Christ,

Soo Brown

Soo Brown

By: Soo Brown

Soo Brown is the Executive Director of the Foundation for Eastern Christian School.

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