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Beth Wright
Ceramics Teacher

Please tell us about yourself.
Beth grew up in Allendale and went to Northern Highlands HS. She grew up going to Wyckoff Baptist Church, now known as Cornerstone Christian in Wyckoff. She was involved with Touch the World as a teen going ok mission trips and later on became a youth leader for her church’s youth group. She has a passion for teenage girls and helping them through tough times and to know their worth in Christ. Beth loves to mentor young women whenever she is given the opportunity, and loves to share her passion for pottery-making with whoever is interested!

How did God bring you to work at EC?
God brought me to EC originally through my kids attending the elementary school where they were looking for an after school club director. I did that for a year and it opened the door to me teaching an after school art club, as well as eventually teaching art at the Middle School and now Ceramics at the Highschool! I have been pursuing ceramic art for the past 10+ years being mentored and trained through the Wortendyke Pottery Studio, where I learned how to make pottery as well as run a pottery studio and teach classes. I also continue to take classes when I can and am always excited to learn new skills to help me continue growing as a ceramic artist.

Why Eastern Christian School?
Eastern Christian is a wonderful Christian community where students can go and feel nurtured and loved by their teachers who guide and direct them through Christ’s example. EC is always looking at how they can improve and lead their staff and students in a godly way. The students are influenced positively by their faith-based surroundings and are learning to love their neighbor and pursue god-honoring goals in life, not how the world teaches, but how the Bible teaches.

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