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Everyone knows the classic Christmas song, “Go Tell it on the Mountain.”  But have you ever heard the song in eight different languages all at the same time?  This was one of my favorite moments at the latest MC Live- Christmas edition. MC Live is a fun Eastern Christian High School event that encourages students to show off their musical talents in an informal and laid-back atmosphere during lunch in the Media Center.  

The last week before Christmas Mrs. Rudd created a special MC Live Christmas edition that featured many of the cultures and languages that represent our high school.  The largest groups scheduled were the French and Spanish classes, but they also had small groups of students and staff singing Christmas songs in Chinese, Korean, Swahili, Dutch, and Hebrew in addition to English.  

“This is a great time because it’s chaotic fun, real organic,” said Mrs. Ruth Rudd as she opened up at the microphone.  “And you know what? We aren’t looking for perfection, were not even looking for really good, we’re good with just it’s fun.”

Our culture demands a lot from our students.  Many students feel stressed, anxious, and pushed to the edge to keep up with the demands of their school work, social life, and extracurricular activities.  I love the fact that at Eastern Christian, our students have opportunities to express themselves at events like MC Live. It is not another burden for them to carry, but an outlet to have fun and to be themselves.  

Thank you to all the folks at MC Live for creating this space for our students. 


Ben Fuller

By: Ben Fuller

Ben Fuller is the College & Career Counselor at Eastern Christian School.

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