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It’s the beginning of a new tradition! On Thursday, December 5, nearly 100 preschool students enjoyed a special event, “Donuts with Dads.” We were so thrilled to host 85 dads, grandpas and other father figures, who came to make crafts, sing Christmas songs and, of course, eat donuts with their preschoolers. Adults and children alike enjoyed delicious apple cider donuts from a local alumni-owned business, Abma’s Farm.

The event was held from 8:30-9:15 am in the hopes that fathers could bring their children to school and stay briefly to enjoy some special, quality time with their little ones. Many dads and grandpas rearranged their work schedules so they could attend. You can tell from the photos below that it was a real treat for the children to have these father figures join them at school! 

As ECES principal, Sandy Bottge, noted in her recent Home Bulletin message, “This father/child time went well beyond the obvious fun had by all. Research (The Fatherhood Project and Lifeway) shows the following lifelong impact of fathers who are actively engaged in the early years of their child’s life. 

  • Children whose fathers are actively involved are more likely to have successful careers, stronger marriages and improved ability to handle stress.
  • Involved fathers who set loving and clear boundaries and expectations enhance their child’s emotional, academic, social and behavioral growth.
  • Children with involved fathers have higher levels of sociability, confidence and self-control. Children are less likely to act out in school and engage in risky adolescent behaviors.
  • Between ⅔ – ¾ of children whose fathers attend church regularly become regular church attenders as adults.

In addition to the positive impact of involved fathers, involved grandparents influence their grandchildren’s beliefs and values. Both generations benefit from an emotionally close relationship and show fewer symptoms of depression.

We are so thankful for our involved parents and grandparents at Eastern Christian. We have experienced the benefit of generational relationships at EC for 127 years.” 

“For the Lord is good and his love endures forever; his faithfulness continues through all generations.” Psalm 100:5


Jenna Beverly

By: Jenna Beverly

Jenna is a preschool teacher at Eastern Christian School.

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