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One of the most anticipated days by students at Eastern Christian Elementary School is Field Day! The day is full of activities that are different than the regular routine of a typical school day. Wednesday, May 29 was field day for ECES students this year. Students completed a variety of activities planned by the EC high school students belonging to the National Honor Society.

Unlike the last two years, students were able to be outdoors during field day! The weather was cloudy, and just the right temperature to enjoy the outdoors without overheating! Students played superhero-themed games such as a Superhero Training Obstacle Course, Captain America Shield Toss, and Capture the Cape, as well as face and arm painting with superhero logos. The high school students from our National Honor Society had a lot of fun with the theme and many dressed in superhero costumes to create a fun environment for the elementary students. Students of all ages were full of smiles and loved participating in each of the games and activities.

A dedicated high school student led each class through the activities throughout the day, and also enjoyed a lunch and ice pop break (thank you PTO!) with their class. The elementary school students were able to connect with their high schooler throughout their travels around to each activity, while additional high schoolers ran each activity. Field day is not just about being physically active and class team-building, but also a time to connect across campuses. The elementary students looked up to the high school students as role models, and the high schoolers proved their maturity as positive role models.

All students involved had a fun day with perfect weather with lots of opportunities for team building, and connecting with each other.

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