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Eastern Christian Elementary School is a special place. The teachers and staff members work tirelessly to make sure the students are safe, learning high quality curriculum, and loved. Many parents and other volunteers recognize what a special place ECES is, and have chosen to be a part of the amazing things God is doing there!

Parents volunteer throughout the year to help outside on the playground, serve pizza, cover lunchtime to allow teachers to collaborate, raise money, and countless other jobs. These volunteers selflessly give their time to support the school in a variety of ways using their talents.

The teachers and the staff of Eastern Christian Elementary School could not be more grateful for the support received by parents, allowing the school to run smoothy. Students shared their appreciation for the volunteers in chapel on Tuesday by sharing a gift with the volunteers and singing praises to God, thanking Him for providing willing people to our school. Several students drew pictures depicting many of the ways in which volunteers touch our school. It was fun to see how students recognize how volunteers support the school, and hopefully events like the Volunteer Chapel will encourage them to cultivate hearts of service.

If you volunteer at Eastern Christian Elementary School, or any of our campuses, thank you so much for your giving heart! You bless our school in immeasurable ways. You allow our students to have wonderful experiences and have a great deal of fun beyond the typical classroom experiences.

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