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Esther Kim
High School Mathematics Teacher

Tell us about yourself.
I was born in Seoul, Korea. Then I moved to California as I started my High school. I really wanted to come to the United States to experience American culture and to go to a good University. I pictured my life to be just like a Hollywood Movie. My life didn’t turn out to be a picture perfect and /or filled with parties. There were a lot of ups and downs, trying to understand and to survive in America without my family. If my life were a movie, I would like to call it a happy ending. I did get into a good college and I have a family of my own. Most of all, throughout the ups and downs of my life, I experienced God’s hand upon my life. And because I know that His firm and loving hand will guide me till the end.

Tell us the story of how God brought you to work at EC.
I graduated from Columbia University with an Economics major. I wanted to be a successful person as the world defines it. I was young and I didn’t know of any other goal. But then through the bankruptcy of my company, marriage, and kids, I realized that there are more to life than the worldly success. I wanted to be there for my kids as they grow and raise a healthy family. So, I decided to go to Teachers College, Columbia University to pursue a degree in teaching to further understand my children and to possibly work while spending enough time with my children. While my kids were young, I taught part-time at school, church, and as a tutor. Now that my children feel comfortable staying home by themselves, I am able to pursue my full-time career at teaching. Since my children attend EC, I am very thankful to work at EC. This is where my children grow and my faith is honored. I believe that God has guided me to be at EC, to use my experience as an international student, and knowledge that I’ve learned in college and graduate school for the school and the students at EC. I am also excited to learn and grow at EC spiritually and professionally.

What sets EC apart – Why Eastern Christian?
My main focus was to raise my children well in Christian faith. At first, however, I didn’t think about sending them to a private school. My town offered a blue ribbon newly renovated elementary school and the school bus which stops at my house. However, I soon discovered that the school is very accepting of other religion but strictly prohibits any activity related to Christianity. After hearing warnings about not to say anything that relates to Christianity, I felt a need to look for another school. Then my church member, who went through the same difficulty, strongly recommended to EC to our family. I do believe that it was God’s guidance. I thank God for leading my children to EC, for the school not only supports Christianity but also teaches discipleship. It is such a blessing to have the whole school community to come together every week to give honor and recognize God. As I get to spend more years in EC, I found out that the school is really practicing what it’s teaching by helping other churches and needy in the name of Jesus. I don’t know how God will work through me in this school, but I am very excited that I get to contribute in raising the very much needed Christian leaders in the U.S., as well as the Christian leaders in all over the world through EC and international students at EC.

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