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STEAM at Eastern Christian is in its third year and Wednesday March 22 was a special day for the program.

Each year the Laboratory Robotics Interest Group (LRIG) chapter at Montclair State University organizes a Science Day during which high school students from across Northern New Jersey present their original research. This year a group of 8 of our STEAM students choose to venture out and participate in this event.

We left in the morning of March 22nd, dressed for success and ready to show our posters to the judges. Excited and a little nervous – our students have presented their work often, but never to an audience outside the EC community. 


Upon arrival at MSU we set up our posters. After that we visited a lab of our choice. Physics experiments, Food Science, and Chemistry and Art were some of the topics that we learned about.

When we got back from the lab tours, it was time to present our posters to the judges.

Our students did a fantastic job. When the poster session was over, a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winner were selected for each school. Steve Blanco, Isaiah Hampton and Samantha Frank each took home a prize.

Steve’s poster also won the judges’ choice overall 1st prize! His work was commended for the quality and depth of his literature research combined with actual hands-on laboratory experiments.

After a delicious lunch we went back to school – grateful and proud.

In the evening of Wednesday March 22nd we held our 2nd annual STEAM Celebration night; an event during which we celebrate the research of all STEAM students, together with their (host) families. This year was extra special because we are celebrating our first STEAM graduates; Samantha Frank, Andrew Park, and Steve Blanco. For three years they have worked and studied, together with their mentors. Samantha researched if and how familiar scents can improve memory in elderly people. Andrew presented his work towards developing a drone that can deliver medical supplies in remote or traffic-heavy locations. See photos from our STEAM Celebration Night here. 

Steve researched and developed a sunscreen with added vitamin D to aid in DNA repair after sun damage. Their findings and results culminate in a thesis which they are about to defend to a panel of mentors.

And here they are – with their mentors.

Full STEAM ahead!