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For the last several years, the elementary school field day has been hosted by the Eastern Christian High School National Honor Society students.  These high school students plan the games and events in which the first through fourth graders will participate.  The elementary students look forward to field day with great anticipation!  They come to school in athletic clothing, armed with their water bottles to keep hydrated as they are active for the majority of the school day.

Sadly, this year’s field day has been surrounded by rainy weather, and the actual field day was no exception.  Rain was predicted for Wednesday, May 16, and it rained… all day.  Fortunately, the students, led by Hans Owuor, were able to adapt to the weather and plan for a fun, active day indoors.

The elementary students rotated through classrooms and the gym to play variety of games led by high school students that kept them moving.  Stations included hula hooping, musical chairs, freeze dance, hot and cold, charades, and more.  While the students may have initially been disappointed by having to participate in field day within the school building, they truly enjoyed themselves and still had a wonderful time!

The theme for the field day was Oceans, so students played games themed around the ocean or ocean creatures.  The high school students came dressed in beach-style clothes, ready to enhance the Ocean theme!  After the high school students left, the elementary students watched a video about the beautiful creatures God created within the oceans and then sang the Baby Shark song before being dismissed to make shark hats.  As the elementary students left for the day, they were gushing over the fun day they had, and did not seem to mind the fact that their original field day was rained out!  Even the following day, the students were still talking about how much fun the field day was.  Thank you Debi Veenstra, Dawn Heerema, and Jim Uitermarkt for coordinating the event, and to the National Honor Society students who put their whole heart into making a fun day for the elementary students!