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Robot Fight Night is the event that just keeps getting bigger and better! For the third straight year, Robot Fight Night was everything we hoped it would be. A record crowd saw our best event to date.

The spotlight shone bright on “Robo Arena” as 4 teams and 8 robots duked it out for the much coveted “Golden Sprocket” award. Students from Eastern Christian High School’s Robotics class actually have this class as their final exam. They learn to code, build a robot that can execute functions on command, and train to compete in the much loved event. We invite the entire EC community and friends to come and witness the fun.

This year, Robot Teams could score points by harvesting cones, eliminating other opponents by knocking them out of the arena or incapacitating them, and “King of the Mountain” (the bot closest to the middle of the arena at the end of the two minute battle gets 5 bonus points).

8 EC teams competed in a double-elimination tournament. The top two teams competed in a winner-take-all head-to-head match. In the end, it was Robot “Supreme Patty” piloted by Lorenzo Lugo and Matt Borowski that took home the Golden Sprocket. 

2018 also saw innovation come to the robo-arena. A new feature, Mount Midoriyama, created an additional, difficult hurdle to the “King of the Mountain” scoring strategy. 

Thanks to Robotics Teacher Mr. Tim Steen for organizing the event.  And thanks to all who came out to support this amazing event! The crowd was awesome. We already can’t wait for the next edition!

Robo Photos