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Melissa Macy, Pre-K/Elementary School Music

Tell us about yourself. 
I grew up in Passaic County, NJ, where I continue to live. I have a husband and 3 children under the age of 7. I play the violin and love to study the Bible and spend time outdoors.

Tell us the story of how God brought you to work at EC.
I attended EC K-12. I have a Bachelor of Music in Violin Performance and Music Education, and a Masters in Violin Performance. Before I had children, I taught for 5 years in the Bergenfield Public Schools.

What sets EC apart?
I am a proud EC parent! My kids love the learning environment at EC. I have always felt that the faculty and administration of EC is very strong in encouraging students to think out the implications of their Christian beliefs. They encourage the development of a Christian worldview that reaches into every academic discipline and every facet of life. I was privileged to study under many wonderful teachers including Mr. Paul Beverly, who was exceptional in this regard, and extremely effective in developing critical thinking skills amongst his students. I feel privileged to contribute to the next generation of Christian culture-makers in the music department!