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School’s done for summer, but that doesn’t mean Eastern Christian stops. Quite the contrary! A lot of good work happens on our campuses over the summer. In this recurring Blog series, we take a look at 10 reasons to get excited about next school year

Reason #3 Classroom Upgrades: Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning. Yes. You read that correctly. Air Conditioning. Boom. Need we say more? Well, we will just because it feels so refreshingly cool to talk about. Thanks to a generous donor who personally contributed 47 air conditioning units, every classroom learning space on all three campuses will be air conditioned. This is a really big deal for many reasons:

  • Student health and safety. On hot August/September or May/June days, some of the interior temperatures in our classrooms regularly exceeded 90 degrees. I don’t care how many fans you have blowing at top speed, 90 degrees is 90 degrees! Students with respiratory issues will certainly benefit from these units making breathing in our classrooms easier.
  • Academic performance. It’s hard to focus when you’re not comfortable. This is especially true for students. They do their best to pay attention, but it’s very hard to do that when you’re sweating in your seat. Allowing students to focus on the lesson plan will help everyone take better advantage of the hot portions of the school year.
  • Yet another reason solar power rules! You likely know that EC is solar powered (blog post here if you don’t). The increased electricity load will simply be powered by the sun! Since we already produce more electricity than we consume, and since the units were donated to the school, we’re able to provide this great level of comfort at no additional cost to EC families. It’s just fun to think that the hottest thing in our solar system is cooling our classrooms!