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With the start of the new school year just around the corner, here in The Foundation office, we’re thinking about the 2016-2017 Annual Fund.  Each year, the Annual Fund plays a significant role in providing a quality Christ-centered education to each and every student at Eastern Christian School.  Despite that, for many of our parents and supporters, the Annual Fund is badly misunderstood and often overlooked.

So what exactly is the Annual Fund?  The Annual Fund is the single largest focus of The Foundation each year.  Funds raised (about $750,000.00 for 15-16) go directly to the income side of the EC budget to help make up the GAP between the actual cost of an EC education and the amount paid by full tuition.  Along with our fundraising events, outside business ventures (ditto, Eagle Solar, and Eagle Camps), and endowment support; the Annual Fund will contribute almost 24% of the EC operating budget income this year.  

That means, that every student at Eastern Christian School receives a de facto scholarship equalling 24% of the cost of education.  Every student receives a 24% discount before we begin conversations about variable tuition.

Since all students benefit from the Annual Fund, you might expect that all current parents would contribute, in some way, to the Annual Fund.  We wish that everyone would participate, even in a small way but that just doesn’t happen.  Thanks be to God, that our community of alumni, past parents, and local businesses enthusiastically support the Annual Fund each year.  

Our challenge is for every current parent to contribute to the Annual Fund in some way.  The amount is not the critical factor, but participation is.  Your participation encourages us, but more importantly sends a message to others that you are supporting the ministry of EC, not simply “buying” an education.  This can be as simple as a small contribution on ECGivingTuesday (November 29, 2016) or sending in a pledge when you receive the Annual Fund mailing in September.

Please join our generous community by not only making a quality, Christ-centered education accessible to others, but also by helping to close the GAP between your tuition payment and the actual cost of education for your child(ren) at Eastern Christian School. 

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