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Sebastian Pierre
Eastern Christian Class of 2016
The Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education at City College

What do you love about Eastern Christian School?
I think what I love most about Eastern Christian is the community and atmosphere of the school. Since it’s a smaller school, most people know each other and teachers have great relationships with students. In addition, I like the fact that the school has grown more diverse over the years; it’s cool to have friends from different cultures/backgrounds and I feel that is a part of how EC has been doing well to improve and look for ways to be even better.

Describe one of your favorite teachers.
One of my favorite teachers is Mr. Beverly. His teaching integrates faith into the classroom allows students to have a deeper understanding of history, current events, and the world. I have learned so much in his classes and In addition, he pushes you to think critically and address controversial topics/issues that you may not have before. I have experienced this firsthand in two classes that I have thoroughly enjoyed my senior year, Humanities, and International Relations.

In what ways have you grown in your faith as a result of your experience at Eastern Christian School?
One way I have grown in my faith through Bible class. Senior year apologetics helped me understand how to talk to others about my faith and understand the scriptures in a deeper way. I feel that I’ve also grown in my faith just by being in an environment where I can talk about God freely with others and have engaging conversations or debates about scripture, theology, etc.

The Eastern Christian tagline is “Engaging. Nurturing. Transforming.” How did you experience an education that is engaging, nurturing and transforming at EC?
All the teachers at EC do their best to engage the classroom and use different tools or methods to enable kids to learn better. This can range from implementing socratic seminars, small group work, using technology, inviting a guest speaker, creative assignments, and many more things. The result is that students are nurtured and transformed. I have experienced this firsthand as an EC student, and I feel that the classes that I have taken have appropriately challenged me and will prepare me to have success in my future.
How do you feel that EC prepared you for graduation, college and life?
EC has prepared me for my future by allowing me to have the opportunity to take challenging and enriching classes. Some of these are Humanities, Chem Honors, Physics, Calculus, to name a few.

What would you say to a high school student considering joining Eastern Christian School?
I would tell them to shadow a student for a day because it gives you a good look into what the school is like, and what you can experience.

What opportunities did you experience at EC that you don’t think you would have gotten to experience anywhere else?
I think the block schedule at EC is great and prepares you for how college will be like. This unique schedule in combination with a Christian education provided me with a learning experience that I wouldn’t have anywhere else.