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In one of Eastern Christian High School Student’s favorite traditions, a Friday in the month of June is dedicated to a half day of service in the community and a time of goofy/fun games in the afternoon. The service portion of the day, in partnership with our friends at Touch the World ministries, is one of many ways that EC students work to live out their faith. In addition to the Bible curriculum and Christian world and life view faith integration into every academic area, we offer service learning opportunities for students at all levels.

This year, with the theme of “Serve Home,” High School students were challenged to serve in local communities. These opportunities featured: weeding gardens, collecting food at a local grocery store for those in need, helping younger students on our elementary and middle school campuses, gathering clothing for sale at Ditto Upscale Resale, creating our sand volleyball court, painting murals in Paterson, and working in our high school courtyard to name a few.

After a morning of hard work, it’s back to the high school campus for a grilled lunch and on to SlamFest. While the inclement weather pushed both activities indoors, you can’t possibly dampen the spirits of the energetic high school students. SlamFest features student-created teams that compete in three-legs: Kickball, Dodgeball, and Tug of War. This year’s finale featured team “Goon Squad” vs. “PC Bros” for the coveted SlamFest trophy. In the end, PC Bros wound up on top and claimed the prize.

Thanks to all of our program sponsors, Touch the World, our awesome faculty, food and maintenance staff for making yet another tremendous experience for our students, and more importantly, a big service impact locally to show the love of the Lord.