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Caeley Dimbleby
High School History/TESS (The Educational Support Services) Teacher

Personal Profile:
I am a Jesus loving, sun soaking, coffee drinking southern California girl at heart. I grew up in a city called Corona with my parents and younger brother. Just over two years ago, I married my best friend and am so grateful to be able to live life with him. Jono and I met in Singapore where we were both working at the time. He is from Cape Town, South Africa and we moved to New Jersey last year. Together we love exploring new places and drinking good coffee. Another deep joy of mine is teaching. I consider it a true privilege to teach high school and influence students’ lives. I also enjoy writing, hiking, making new friends and deepening friendships, and traveling.

Professional Profile:
After graduating from Biola University with a BA in History and minor in Biblical Studies, I continued my education to earn my secondary teaching credential. I performed my student teaching at a local public school in CA, and at an international Christian school in Lima, Peru. Near the end of my time in Peru, an opportunity arose for me to teach at an international Christian school in Singapore. While I had planned on returning to Los Angeles and was unsure about moving so far away, I knew the Lord was asking for obedience. So I made the move to Singapore and the reward has been abundant. I taught high school history there for three years. I was given many opportunities in my professional development, including being a part of implementing a 1:1 technology program, writing the world history curriculum, creating and implementing an advanced world history course, and co-leading service trips for our students to the nearby countries of Thailand and India. When returning to the states, I attained my NJ teaching credential and worked 1:1 with a student in a Ridgewood public school. This year I eagerly look forward to returning to full time classroom teaching in the history department and TESS (The Educational Support Services). As an educator, I believe in the ability of every student to succeed and seek to aid my students in their success as best I can.

Philosophical Profile:
While I have yet to start teaching at ECHS, I know through my visits to the school and talking to the staff and alumni that God is working in the lives of the students and community at EC. Having most of my training and experience in Christian settings, I look forward to enjoying the freedom of continuing to integrate our faith into learning for the development of the student as a whole. I am thankful to be a part of a school community that cares about developing every aspect of the student. The diverse range of classes and programs, along with the commitment and passion of the teachers I have met, show that it is the students EC cares so deeply about. I look forward to being a part of EC with its high academic standards, supportive community, and foundational beliefs in Christ.