Wyckoff Campus

Class Descriptions & Schedule

Program Overview

Eastern Christian Preschool exists to prepare young followers of Jesus Christ as they develop academically, physically, socially, and spiritually. Our program is fully accredited and developmentally appropriate. Eastern Christian Preschool’s Wyckoff Campus is located in Faith Community Church right in front of Eastern Christian Middle School. The safety of our students is very important. The church is secure, and we have a director of security and safety on staff.

Eastern Christian Preschool recognizes that each child has been purposefully created in the image of God with unique gifts and abilities. Therefore, Eastern Christian Preschool utilities a teaching approach known as Developmentally Appropriate Practice. This means that we are continually identifying the developmental stage of each child in all areas of development: cognitive, social, emotional, physical, and spiritual. From there, we intentionally design play centers, projects, games, and literacy activities to support young learners as they progress to the next developmental stage.

Eastern Christian Preschool values play. We know that play nurtures every aspect of a child’s development. Through play, children establish the foundational intellectual, social, physical, and emotional skills needed for success in school and life. Children are learning when they build with blocks, paint a picture, swing on a swing, or make-believe. During play children try new things, solve problems, create, test ideas, and explore.

Our preschool students have a Christian faith-integrated curriculum. Each day begins with prayer and devotions. Our preschool students also worship the Lord through singing and learn a Bible story each day. However, our faith integration is not limited to Bible time. The children learn about God and his love throughout their day.



Multi-age Preschool Class

For children 3-5 years old (All children must be potty trained.)

Class Schedule
MondayWednesday, and Friday from 8:20 to 11:30 (To kick off our new campus in the 2017-2018 school year, children can stay until 12:30 for lunch time and play at no additional cost.)

Class Description
As in all of our class, an emphasis is placed on differentiating instruction to meet the diverse developmental levels of our students. In this multi-age class, older students demonstrate leadership and compassion as they serve as role models. Younger students make great strides in their linguistic and social development as they interact with older students. Some children are learning the basics of taking turns with others while other students are developing cooperative play skills that require shared planning and implantation of ideas. Students practice using good manners and grow in their ability to follow a classroom routine. Over the course of the year, our preschoolers grow in their understanding and love of the Lord as they learn about creation, Bible heroes, and the life of Jesus. They also worship God through song and participate in prayer throughout the day. Both fine and gross motor skills are developed as these young children participate in a weekly Physical Education class, play on the playground and indoor gross motor room, and use a variety of media to create, build, and play. Their reading readiness skills are nurtured as they listen to stories, hear and understand new words, and develop auditory and visual discrimination. Some children will learn to identify the capital letters of the alphabet for the first time while others children are learning letter sounds and proper letter formation. Math readiness concepts include counting items with one-to-one correspondence, identifying numbers, sorting objects, duplicating simple patterns, recognizing and drawing shapes, and understanding and using several positional words. The children also participate in a weekly music class. On a daily basis, children participate in circle time, play in self-selected centers, create a project, eat a snack (brought from home), play on the playground or in our indoor gross motor room, sing songs, and listen to stories. Our classroom has a sensory table, kitchen area, block area, quiet book area, train table, easels, SmartBoard, iPad, and many other small toys to explore. Our preschoolers also enjoy a variety of special days including a Thanksgiving celebration, Trike-a-thon, and Preschool Picnic and much more. All of this takes place in a fun, loving, Christ-centered atmosphere.